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There are certain notable differences on the teachings of different religions and their religious scriptures. Some of the notable religious leaders of the world in the history have their firm belief on the teachings of God and their point of view towards God is explained below:

Muhammad (P.B.U.H): There is only one God who cannot have a son.

Zoroaster: He believed in religious dualism that there is one good god and one evil god.

Confucius: He believed in the scenario of Polytheism that there are many gods.

Krishna: There are many gods and he also preached the scenario that ever thing is God which is also known as pantheism.

Buddha: He believed in the view of agnostic that there is no relevance of God.

An individual who actually possess a rational view towards life would believe that all these religious leaders explain different phenomenons but their core concept towards God is same. However, they cannot speak about the same God because their core point of views are different with each other. That is the reason why it can be easily said that all the religions and the religious scriptures of different religions are different from each other (Das). The core differences in the religion with reference to Jesus Christ are listed below:

Islam: There is only one God (Allah) and Christ is the prophet of Allah not the son.

Judaism: Jesus Christ is not the Messiah, but the son of God.

Christianity: Jesus is the Messiah and the son of God and he is believed to be the eternal son of God.

Thus, it can be said that religion is considered as an important aspect in today’s life because it actually gives a structured path to an individual. Individuals and societies frame a proper way of life through religions. Although there are certain attributes that are common in every religion but it cannot be said that all the religions are equal because the basic framework and the ideology of all the religions are different with each other.

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