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Jesus taught his disciples to have absolute trust and reliance upon God. One of the reasons people gather wealth is because it may come useful in the future. Jesus ordered his disciples to travel around the country, preaching his gospel, carrying no worldly wealth with them, trusting that God would provide (Matthew. 10:9-11 New International Version)

One possible altruistic motive a person may have for their desire to gain wealth is that a wealthy person is able to give more in charity. Jesus taught that a small amount of charity from a poor person was worth more than a large amount of charity given by a rich person, this eliminates the self deception a covetous person may get involve in, who thinks that he will gain a greater reward if he is rich by giving more to charity, in the story of the poor widow who gave only two small coins where the rich were giving large amounts, Jesus declare that she has given more than all others (Mark 12:41-44 New International Version).

Jesus was very protective of the rights of the poor. He condemned those that exploited the poor. He promised the Pharisees who defrauded widows of whatever little they owned and made a show of piety through ostentatious worship, torment in the afterlife. (Luke 20:47 New International Version)

Jesus considered wealth to be a constant source of anxiety, a rich man would be always be concerned for the safety of the money he has and it would distract him from worshiping God. He forbade his followers from storing up earthly treasures for themselves. He taught that the earthly treasures would rust and decay and could be stolen while the Heavenly treasures, gained through belief and good deeds would last for ever and could never be stolen. (Matthew 6:19-21 New International Version)

According to Jesus, wealth corrupts people and blinds them to the truth, the one who cares too much about the troubles of this world or desires to acquire wealth cannot benefit from the spiritual teachings of Jesus (Matthew 13:22 New International Version).

Jesus taught that all the wealth and luxury of the world was worth nothing and that one must give up all one has to ensure ones place in Heaven. To be a follower of Jesus, one had to give up all worldly wealth and deny oneself ones’ base desires and the pleasures of the flesh (Matthew 16:24-26 New International Version) (Luke 14:33 New International Version).

Jesus warned against greed and taught that those that greed after and store worldly wealth suffer from a lack of faith (Luke 12:15 New International Version) (Luke 12:21 New International Version)

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