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Teachers should keep this in mind and make sure that whatever they teach is broken down into steps. Just like a big business manages its company effectively by appointing individual to areas that they will be able to manage a teacher should only disclose enough information at one time that is manageable. (McEldowney 138) In other words it’s like operating a business through integration. A CEO appoints managers to look after certain tasks that they can handle and tasks are assigned accordingly.

To reach a specific goal the management takes a step by step approach to reach it and integrates all the aspects of operation so nothing is overlooked or overlapped. When a business is efficiently operated and integrated all the goals can be achieved. Teachers should follow the same principles while educating their pupils. “The establishment of the association [should] involve finding suitable contexts for teaching; [decide] how to use aids most efficiently; [decide] what weight to give to each of reading, writing and listening; and [establish] suitable stages of development and [decide] how best to integrate them into the course.” (McEldowney 137) By following this business integration inspired model every teacher should be able to reach her goal.

English is spoken all over the worlds except in different forms. Each country uses the English language as modified to its own culture. “In his contribution to Brumfit (1982), Quirk discusses “International communication and the concept of Nuclear English”. In fact, the denomination ‘Nuclear English’ might raise exaggerated expectations as it seems to suggest an entire, new model for English. However, what Quirk’s proposal really amounts to is an airing of ideas about the ways in which native English might be modified to make it easier to learn as a foreign language and easier to use as an international language.” (Seidlhofer) Henceforth, Quirk proposes ways to modify particular uses of English by providing examples.

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