Tattoos are a cool and attractive type of body art and not devilish or psychotic. The tattooists, also known as ink slingers enroll in art schools so upon graduation can practice this skill and get recognized (Levy, p.6). Fred, gone are the days when those who adorned tattoos on their bodies were considered rebellious, social misfits or belonging to some cult. Their perception has transformed from unsavory to trendy.

They were a sign of social class, rite of passage or bravery in the early years. Today, most people do it for fun, to commemorate special events like death or birth, show love and pride in someone or get one that symbolizes an important memory. One can choose from a variety of designs like tribal, floral, oriental or fantasy. I have several tattoos on my body for beauty and I am a down to earth person. I love my tattoos, which are an alternative to body piercing. Some of the trendsetters in tattoo are musicians, actors, athletes. Most of them have them in prominent areas of the body for the world to see and admire. They may be on the lower back, upper arm, neck, chest, ankle among others (Levy, p.4).

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