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The sustainability plan by Marks & Spencer includes a number of aspects that can help the company carry out their business in an environment friendly manner. Some of those aspects include; retailing of recyclable products such as sustainable textile, sustainable wood and sustainable packaging; retailing of animal friendly products, and encouraging of organic foods. Marks & Spencer has observed significant improvement in sales after the implementation of its sustainability plan. In this manner, the company has merged sustainability into its operational system in such a way that it naturally helps it generate higher revenues along with fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

According to Scott Beaudoin, director of cause marketing at MS&L at Boston, the companies are inclined towards assessing different ways in which corporate social responsibility can be used to accelerate the business activities of the company as well. Companies no longer want to have a separate department that drives the company toward social and ethical responsibilities but the recent trend shows that the companies are inclined towards merging their corporate social responsibilities with their business (Evans, 2010). In case of Marks & Spencer, the company has succeeded in achieving natural system sustainability. In this manner, the company fulfilled its corporate social responsibility along with obtaining respect among its customers.

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