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The evolutionary theory was actually initiated by Darwin but the term and the misconception of the evolutionary theory ‘survival of the fittest’ was coined by philosopher Herbert Spencer. In the early stages one must have an idea about the conditions of natural selection in order to understand the ‘survival of the fittest phenomenon. Natural selection is basically the creative force in evolution and is mainly responsible for the design of organism (Greg, 2007).

Variation is considered to be a heritable aspect and a considerable number of populations must believe that fitness must be affected by replicating entries and the variations between them (Northcut, 2004). Survival of the fittest is considered to be a dead end. This misconception is dealt by business oriented people in a strange way when they relate the phenomenon of survival of the fittest with the evolution theory.

This phrase actually invoke ideas for the struggle of survival and people might believe that the most violent, most aggressive and the strongest one is the best fit for the survival. However, the reality is quite different from it and the word ‘fittest’ doesn’t means stronger or the most aggressive (Monaghan & Just, 2000). This word has other connotations like people who posses attribute like being most cooperative, most productive, optimistic etc. People who are most influential in the world like Einstein, Gandhi, and Newton etc are included in this category and elements of Rambo are not included in it. Cooperation is the basic element of success for life and people can easily succeed in their life if they follow a cooperative strategy and learn how to comprise and on the hand lead from the front.

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