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Majority of the people questioned in this survey also believed that computers were becoming more and more smart as they gradually took over most of the tasks performed by humans  and that the decisions made by the computers were more rational then those made by human beings. These trends showed that the participants of the survey were well aware of the benefits that the use of computers offered to them.

With regards to the effects of computers on human beings, there was an overall agreement between the participants that computers today are capable of taking over human jobs wholly because they can perform tasks faster than humans and that there is a real possibility in the future that humans would work under the supervision of computers. However, most of the participants did not believe that computers would become capable enough to learn from their experiences as much as humans do and that computers would be able to replace humans in every field of work.

Answering the question related to the possibility of a takeover by computers, almost all participants were of the opinion that computers will never have the ability to surpass the capabilities of a human brain. They also agreed that it would be very difficult to emulate emotions through artificial intelligence, thus the computers would fail to take those decision in which humans are usually guided by emotions. A strong agreement was also found among the participants that in the future, computers will be able to operate without supervision and that new technologies would enable the artificial intelligence to learn more effectively and it would be able to exist in a self sustaining manner. However, a large majority of the participants negated the idea that future technologies would be built in such a way which would endanger the authority of humans over computers.

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