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Sam uses the internet for fun, games and education. The same services that were available to Cathy are available to Sam. The DSL has a 384 Kbps up, the cable has a 640 Kbps up and the wireless has a 256 Kbps up. All three of the connections have the same downstream at 1.5 Mbps.

“Digital subscriber line (DSL) is a family of point-to-point technologies designed to provide high-speed data transmission over traditional telephone lines.” (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8) Traditional telephone lines are slower as means to connecting to the internet because of switching equipment. A cable on the other hand is better and connects two locations faster because more data can be transmitted through it. Cables are already in there in telephone lines so all that needs to be done is changing a few things in the telephone. Customer premises equipment is all the equipment that has to be installed for DSL to work in a house or wherever the internet connection is. (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 8)

“DSL is a point to-point technology, whereas cable modems use shared multipoint circuits. With cable modems, each user must compete with other users for the available capacity… [and] all messages on the circuit go to all computers on the circuit. If you neighbors were hackers, they could modify their software to read all messages that travel over cable, including yours.” (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 11)

Wireless DSL requires a “line of sight between the communicating transmitters. For this reason, it has limited application, because it requires tall buildings or towers to be effective. The most common use today is to provide Internet access to multi-tenant buildings, apartment buildings, and hotels. Transmitters are used to connect the building to the ISP, and DSL is used inside the building to connect to the wireless transceiver.” (Fitzgerald &Dennis, 2001, page 12)

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