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Topic: Managing change in a turbulent environment


Over 5000 employees are working in Sunflower Incorporation and its gross sales are over $700 till (1991). Sunflower is a distribution company and details in snack foods and liquor. The financial management system that was used earlier by the company was malfunctioning and the profits were varying. Sunflower Inc. decided to standardize the system and because of this a new position was created in the company to monitor pricing and purchasing practices. Agnes Albanese was hired for that and she was given total autonomy to implement any policies or procedures that would be feasible in these circumstances. She was encouraged to gather information from all regional managers and she decided to standardize pricing and purchasing decisions across all the regions.

The financial executives of every region should notify her if change occurs in prices of more than 3% and a purchase more than $5000 should be cleared through her office. Albanese stressed a lot on standardizing operations and discussed her proposal with the Mr. Mobley (VP finance). Mobley forwarded the proposal to the senior management and all the board of directors approved the plan. Albanese implemented the change right way and sent an email to all the financial and purchasing executives. Mobley liked the idea of sending emails but commented that it isn’t sufficient. He requested Albanese to visit the regions and talk to executives directly but Albanese refused the offer by saying that it would be time consuming and expensive. Albanese wanted to implement the change as soon as possible and an email was sent to the executives and they replied that they loved the idea and they will definitely cooperate with her policies. Unfortunately, after 8 weeks Albanese didn’t receive any emails regarding price or purchase issues and the executives follow the conventional procedure.

Statement of the problem

In the initial stages the companies aim was to standardize reporting systems because the profits were varying and actual figures were difficult to obtain. Similarly, higher profitable regions were using low cost items which were lower in quality to experience a boosts in profits margin. Other regions were facing severe price competition and it was becoming difficult to retain the market share. Market leaders were immensely cutting their prices and they were also launching newer products to enhance their market share. Agnes Albanese was employed to take care of this situation but the financial and production executives resisting change. They responded positively by confirming that they would cooperate with her but they never cooperated and the situation was getting worst.

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