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Direct Contributing Factor Indirect Contributing Factor
Establishing Identities Adolescents trying to connect with the peer groups
Adolescents searching to find their niche and personality
Adolescents relying on preconceived notions to establish a personality
Risk Experimentation Adolescents watching peers experiment with substance abuse
Adolescents wanting to be more adventurous therefore using drugs/ alcohol
Adolescents trying to come off as cool or macho to their peers
Support Peer Actions Adolescents may want to show their support to peers by indulging in substance abuse.
Provoked by encouragement of the peers the Adolescents can resort to substance abuse top fit in.
Adolescents can indulge in substance abuse in casual settings to blend in.
Peer Influence Adolescents might be provoked against their will to take up substance abuse due to the company they keep
Substance abuse can be part of a fraternizing ritual for entrance into a group
Watching others take drugs, adolescents can think of it as not too bad to indulge in themselves
Ego Builder The high provided by the drugs can relive pain or depression for the adolescents
The high of the drugs can increase confidence in adolescents
Knowing they indulge in drugs can make adolescents feel macho or cool
Easy Access to Drugs Peers have easy access to drugs
Peers are well connected to drug dealing circles.
Peers have the spare money to indulge in drugs

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