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The novel “Studs Loniganio” is a novel by James T. Farrell. This novel deals with the story of a 15 years old young Irish boy who is an anti-Semite racist pervert. He went through ups and downs of life through his entire young-man hood till the time his death becomes visible in front of him. In this paper we will discuss the identification of the Studs, the young boy with the Gallagher and the author “James Farrell” himself. Moreover we will discuss what impacts him to live vicariously and should we live in the same way?

This milestone in American literature “Studs Longianio” is a trilogy which starts in 1916 Chicago. In Chicago, racism and the rivalry were the bread and butter for the families and it was never hidden. These affairs were open to everyone and nothing to reveal about it. The rivalry among the community was always on fire.

It used to be the first and foremost conduct of the people to be defensive and they believe that our neighborhood is a place to be defended. The communities used the terms of mutual abuse so lightly without the shame and any guilt which clearly used by the author of the novel that gives it a complete Chicago based novel (Library, 2005).

This novel still seems fresh because the racism is still the main root cause of the most of the societies of the world and that it had appeared as the main injustice towards the developing or the helpless class of the society. The protagonist of the story Stud Loniganio is a young boy someone with whole a boy of the 50’s could easily identify for the life he goes through and that the crisis he suffers regarding the race and class differences.

There are more problems other then the racism and class difference that is the dilemma of losing the girl he love so much in his young age when he kissed her for the first time and soon they broke up. He has his life mixed with feelings that could not shape his personality at all. He at first struggles and had a break-free loving family and later in the novel he is exposed to the confusion by the psyche. He was completely rigidly stuck into the sexual confusion. And soon he becomes the victim of the depression.

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