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The Strong Interest Inventory helped me understand which career path would be the most satisfying for me. The other two tests revealed to what my personality type is and how I should tackle the challenges that are present because of it. The Strong test on the other hand helped me understand where I would be the most happy and afford the luxury of being satisfied and being “just me, myself and I.”

My theme code was SCE: “Social, conventional, and enterprising.” The social themes interests include helping people and doing community service through teaching, counseling, training or caring for people. The skills this kind of person can hope to potentially acquire are having good listening and showing understanding and cooperation while being generous to others. The description basically reinforces all I have learnt about my self in the earlier two tests. The conventional theme says that I am organized, manage information well and that I can easily set up procedures and systems. I am good with numbers, pay attention to detail and that I’m accurate stable and efficient.

My top five areas of interest turned out to be counseling & helping, religion and spirituality, athletics, management and social sciences in that order. A lot of these were a repetition of the other two tests and fit in perfectly with my loyal and caring/mother like personality. A few of my strong occupations were a school administrator, social sciences teacher, and a community service director.

The only surprising thing about this test was that I scored hire with in the enterprising theme rather the realistic theme. The enterprising theme revealed that I should be interested in business and politics, be good with selling and marketing, and be risk taking. I usually analyze everything before I do and taking risks is not usually the norm for me. This test analyzes our responses to show us our interests and what would be the most satisfying career path. I realized that one aspect of my personality often over shadows that other characteristics I posses. After this test I realized that perhaps I should take a few chances and see where that leads me. I do understand that these tests are only a tool and not the decision makers but any new insight is a good opportunity to segue into more fulfilling career paths.

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