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Marx and Weber both give us insight into the stratification of class in society. Marx builds upon a theory where there are two classes, a ruling class and a subject class. He believes the proletariat will over throw the capitalists because conflict is bound to rise due to unbalanced power. The first step to reversing power would be to create a social state. Next, everyone would work towards destroying capitalistic means of productions which would end the need of having classes.

Eventually a communist state would prevail and things would be the ruling factor and not people and their particular class. Weber on the other hand disagrees with the idea that a revolution will take place by the workers because he does not view class simply as the divide between worker and owner. He believes that along with class, status and party also make up the class situation. He does not overlook the other people in society in believes that work forces will be more employee and manager oriented rather than worker and owner oriented. Weber thinks that if people work hard they can easily move up the hierarchy and that lifestyles play a role in class divisions. Education, background, enunciation, dressing and affiliation all come into play when stratifying classes. When we look at society today, Weber’s idea’s fit more fluidly into our systems. Marx’s ideas seem almost obsolete because he overlooked the idea of privatization. Weber’s idea’s still provide insight into how society is divided amongst classes.

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