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Within service marketing, there are several variations of it that actually differ it from others marketing approaches. In service experience, whether it is a coffee bar or restaurant, people factor is very important as customers receive service through front-line staff. Intangible elements are even more important in consumer satisfaction than tangibles (Berry 1987). These intangible elements are usually known as the ambience of the restaurant and customers are attracted by it.

Trying to understand Environment-User Relationship in the organizations through Servicescape Model (Bitner 1992) it is interesting to mention Starbucks and Costa. Both companies have some ambient conditions creating very special atmosphere – it is music, design, great smell for coffee lovers. Apart from it through the model it is very obvious that Internal Responses for customers and employees are the same, in particular in Costa and Starbucks such customers’ responses as mood and comfort will make them spent more money, stay longer and return.  From the employees point of view the working environment and atmosphere can be the main reason to stay longer or to suggest new ideas. This is true for Starbucks, company understands that “capable workers who are well trained and fairly compensated provide better service, need less supervision, and are much more likely to stay on the job” (Schlesinger and Heskett 1991 p. 78).

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