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The strategic plans that have been depicted in the article for consideration by the management at the company pertain to structural development plans aimed at changing the mindset and the management style of the management in order to make the company more efficient and leaner for reducing operational costs and wastage. The purpose of the strategic plans and initiatives is to enable the AIG Group to survive the recession while firmly reestablish itself in the markets. The operational or tactical plans/ decision that need to be taken by the company with immediate effect pertain to the selection of a new CEO, the sale of assets to repay the government, and the spin offs of AIG Group for supporting the business while branching in other markets.

Another aspect of planning that is touched upon in the article pertains to a type of business planning tool also known as the organizational policies. In this regard, the succession policy for the post of the CEO is in question. The board and the management of the AIG group needs to act upon its present plans for the succession of the CEO in order for the business to continue and to aid the implementation of the guidelines put in place by Liddy to help AIG recover from its current state.

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