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Developing a strategy for an organization is quite an important task and successful organizations heavily rely on strategic management plan because it helps an organization in both the short and the long run (Chernev & Kotler, 2009). This paper analyzes a fictional organization and it’s basically a startup company. In this paper a description of the business is given. However, the second part of the paper discusses that what form of communication is essential for employees in the strategic management process.

Description of the business

The name of the organization is “Bakery on wheels” and it’s a start up business that is actually initiated by two entrepreneurs. It’s basically a small business and has 10 to 15 employees that are involved in the operational processes of the organization. The core objective of the organization is to provide fresh and healthy baked items to its consumers and consumers don’t have to spend their time because the bakery is in motion now and it’s on the wheels. It’s basically a novel idea and the target market of this organization is people belonging to middle and upper middle class. In the similar manner school going children, house wives and young adults are the main segments of this organization. The menu of this bakery includes everything that is associated with a bakery like biscuits, chips, cakes, muffins, donuts, etc. Furthermore, the owners of the organization are developing a strategy that this organization would collaborate with other famous brands like Dunkin Donuts, subway, etc and they should also sell their items. The major cost is associated with the vehicle that would carry all the operations of the organization and most of the employees of the organization are involved in the baking process. However, there are other departments like customer service department, marketing and finance department. This organization is actually in its initial phase and that is the reason why they are focusing on the element of trial and error marketing.

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