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Besides different companies different companies have also benefitted from globalization and third world countries like China and India have benefitted a lot from globalization. The element of globalization provides large amount of job opportunities and it actually raises the level of lower class. The globalization without gender biasness’s favors both the sexes in terms of jobs and the combined affect was experienced by the organizations that inculcate these elements of globalization. Organizations were gaining strategic advantage and they were expanding because of globalization.

The quality of the products were raised and organization especially multinational organizations were now competing and winning the race in the global market because their quality was improved and ultimately the final customers were benefitting from it.  However, the benefit of globalization is not only related with the quality but it also allows different countries and multinational organization to produce more products and focus on their core competencies (Wild and Han). However, there are certain negative effects of globalization and they have outweighed the positive effects.

Many scholars and strategists believe that the entire system of globalization is not appropriate and they believe that corporations are getting bigger and bigger and this is not favoring the society. The organizations are more focused on making more money and this school of thought has generated different flaws in the globalization system. That is the reason why organizations are focusing on their own benefits to make more and more money and they are less concerned about employees and other related individuals. Therefore it can said quite easily that globalization can be a positive and a negative issue but from the perspective of organization it’s a positive view because it brings wealth and organizations prospers in both the short and the long run (Kercher).

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