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The scenario stresses on the point that strategic decision making is required in order start a business in the prepaid mobile industry. Max Fischer and his partner should focus on the mass marketing strategy and they should opt for a mainstream market.

In the similar manner it can be said that differentiating element should be added in the product. This differentiating element should give a sustainable competitive advantage that is beneficial in both the short and the long run. There are certain features like loan facility; balance sharing and certain other attractive features can be added to retain the customers. In the similar manner emphasis must be laid on the mass market because they can be easily approached and through effective and proactive marketing strategies they can be marketed. Furthermore, the prospect customers can be approached through online marketing, brochures, pamphlets etc. As far as the pricing policy is considered then through analysis it can be said that a penetration policy must be used because through low prices customers can be attracted and the organization penetrates in the market and its market share increases. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that marketing and promotional costs can be increased because it’s an industry practice that is the reason why through penetration pricing the economies of scale can be achieved in the long run.

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