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Brands have changed the normal flow of business and the process of branding have emphasized on building sustainable competitive advantage in both the short and the long run. In the similar manner it should be kept in mind that brand is all about recognition and how the customers view it is considered as the main aspect of the brand (Aaker, 2002). That is the reason why organizations stress a lot on the brand building process and the positioning of a brand. This paper analyzes the scenario of GGI house wares and the brand is actually assessed in this paper. In the similar manner the role of marketing in the society and in the firm itself is discussed with emphasis on marketing decision making.


Global gadgets imports is actually an organization that deals in home decor and gift items and they are the importers of these items. The first retail store of this organization was opened in 1995. The core idea at that time was to give emphasis on the consumers and to value them by minimizing the distribution channel. However, after a certain time other stores were opened and side by side the distribution business was also in its growing phase. However, due to lack in marketing the organization is experiencing downfall. That is the reason why emphasis must be laid on the brand building process and the entire brand building of the organization must be optimized.

Since GGI wants to incorporate house wares in its product line for that reason they can have discounted house wares products from its suppliers. But the point is that the brand name should be extended and since a new product is launched in the market therefore customers would resist buying that product unless a formidable name is attached with it.

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