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On the Day of Judgment, Bob E Well was happy and pretended to be innocent and a father of raped daughter. He acted like he had unconditional love for his daughter and that he needs justice for his daughter. When he stands in the witness box he utters the same false story regarding the rape. The protagonist Atticus however provides brilliant defense for Tom Robinson but the daughter and father remained backing up their false story. Due to the extreme condition of racist in that era, Tom Robinson is subjected as guilty and Bob E Well’s racist behavior wins (Lee).

Though Bob E Well won the case but still he wanted to take revenge from the lawyer Atticus. Bob E Well spits in Atticus’s face and challenges him to fight with him. Bob E Well’s cowardice becomes visible when he attacks the children of Atticus on the Halloween’s day. He tries to kill Atticus children but instead of killing the children, he gets himself killed (Lee).

Bob E Well’s cowardice was of no use for him an his life because for him winning the case was all he wanted but attempting to kill Atticus children was just a mere cowardly step that he took out of racism and got himself killed. Thus we can conclude that Bob E Well was a liar, coward, stalker and a batterer who died with all the traits of a looser.

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