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In this regard, the seemingly harmless woman is one who continuously weaves the plot like a spider and leads victim after victim through her plans. Even though there are three leading characters that are entrenched deep in their simulated personas, Tiina’s obsession with hers comes forth as the most rigid and resolute. For the sake of self interest and the satisfaction of blind obsession, she subjugates the two men resulting in the lies and deceives (Kirstilä).

Even though the shift in the story from the action of the three primary characters to the other three secondary characters keeps the mystery alive, the after effects of the leading characters’ actions and intentions remain just as active and visible. The investigator Hanhivaara is displayed more like a philosopher but throughout the story his predictions in the form of the philosophy gives the main idea behind the irony. At one point his philosophy is being targeted by his fellow investigators but his philosophy is the answer to the mystery.

This has been elaborated effectively by the author when Hanhivaara says that ‘the world has sunk to the point where only exaggeration and irony work even to some extent’ (Kirstilä). We can surmise from this critical discussion on the theme of the story that there is no alternate to irrationality once it takes control of a person and takes on the form of blind obsession that follows insecurity and lack of self confidence.

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