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The Stonington Beach Hotel started its first development phase in 1975 and finished the entire process by the early nineties. The hotel has a college campus for education in hospitality management. Bermuda’s two man industries are tourism and working in hotels so the integration of these two buildings is a logical decision. The industry standard for major refurbishments is long overdue and to diagnose the current problems in the property a current analysis is necessary. A prognosis can only be given after properly analyzing all the buildings on the property, its counterparts, all employees, students, current marketing, environmental and political situations.

Electricity is a big issue in the Hotel’s management decisions. “Electrical power is generated by a private utility company located on the north side of the capital city of Hamilton.  It is distributed by overhead transmission lines.  The company’s generators have proven to be sufficient to meet all of the island’s demands.  Disruption in supply seldom occurs and is only really effected during hurricanes or serious storms.” (Conlin, 2004) Supplying energy through generators is an expensive task although it is more reliable than government sources since it prevents frequent power outages. Air conditioning uses a lot of electricity and adds a lot of expenses. This is apparent in the Stonington Campus because to cut costs “in the construction of all the buildings, only parts of some buildings were air-conditioned.” (Conlin, 2004) To cut costs and be more energy efficient the hotel and campus should rely on natural light resources. In the refurbishment plan the windows should be placed in an efficient manner to consume the most natural light. The lobbies of the hotels should have glass roods installed to allow natural light to pour into the hotel. “Being located by the Gulf Stream, Bermuda is blessed with very temperate weather.  It never gets snow and seldom sees temperatures lower than F50º or higher than F90º.” (Conlin, 2004) Henceforth, the sun causing too much heat through the glass should not be a problem and the areas in the campus that are not air conditioned should be used a resource to indulge in a natural environment.

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