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Anecdotal evidence is necessary to highlight how statutory rape laws have affected people’s lives. It is already established that according to social standards a sexual relationship between a teenaged women and a man 2 to 3 years older than her does not render disapproval as long as the woman is at least 18. In the following case two teenagers embark upon a sexual relationship that resulted in the pregnancy of a fifteen year old girl by a seventeen year old boy. Afraid that he might be prosecuted the teenage boy committed suicide by hanging himself and leaving behind a 6 month pregnant girlfriend. The purpose of statutory rape laws is to stop male predators or underage citizens to from being sexually active with younger females. This case clearly proves that the law could not promote abstinence of prevention of any sort, instead it lead to the death of one person in a mutual relationship between two teenagers. (Teen father-to-be hanged himself)

It is easy to conclude that statutory rape laws create more problems than solutions because they seem to escape and not understand the idea of a mutual relationship between teenagers which is not exactly a statutory rape. If these laws intervene on doctor-patient confidentiality young women will feel vulnerable while seeking health care provision fearful that they might give away information that might lead to someone’s prosecution. The evidence is supported with a real life incident which clearly spells a “N O” to statutory rape laws because it cannot eradicate teenage pregnancies which is the obvious goal of the lawmakers.

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