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Therefore, in this research paper it can easily be concluded that Starbucks loyalty of the customers affects the brand and their loyal customers gives them a competitive advantage in both the short and the long run. Through, secondary and primary research it is evaluated that there is a positive relationship between customer loyalty and a particular brand and Starbucks have proved this through their performance in the recent years. The ambience, quality, prices and customer satisfaction fabulous in the recent years and they also devised different policies to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

The coffee market in the world is not that saturated and there are certain big players in the market. Starbucks is known as a major player in the coffee market and they are considered as the leaders of this industry. The positive relationship of customer loyalty and brand can easily to evaluate by the practices of this organization. They have always focused a lot on the brand image and always given extra to the customers that are the reason why the customers are also attracted towards this organization. The ecstasy and the care for customers is depicted by each and every aspect of this organization and it can be said that they also focus on even the minute aspects which includes the logo of the organization. Similarly, Starbucks also focuses on certain factors like creating an image and a unique identity for the brand.

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