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They have certain offers that are positively affecting the well being of their customers and these policies and strategies results in positive outcomes. The free beverage policy is a popular example of the phenomenon that how this organization stands out in the crowd and how they actually add a differentiating element in their offering. Customers usually notice these things a lot and this aspect actually enhances the loyalty of the customers.

In the similar manner the sales of the organization are positively affected by these policies and the message of the brand is actually distributed by loyal customers and these customers through word of mouth market the well being of the company. There are certain coffee shops that consider a freebie offered to the customer as a mistake by employees but this so called mistake has a very profound effect on the loyalty of the customers and normal customers through this strategy can be retained on a long term basis. Thus, it can be said that the perception of the brand is enhanced because of this strategy and the brand gains acceptance in both the short and the long run through this approach.

4.1.3 Ambience

Starbucks ambience is quite attractive and the customers are attracted by this and this would enhance their well being. The ambience of the store is filled with state of the art technology and every aspect contributes in the well being of the brand image and brand identity of this organization. The core mentality of this organization is that everything that is placed in this organization should add value in the final product of the organization and every aspect of the organization should mean a lot to it. The core aspects of the organization are merchandise displays, the colors, the blend and the aroma, the music, etc. In the similar manner the romance of the coffee and the aromas should create such an ambience that it should effect the loyalty of the customers and the customers should be motivated by it to come again and again. The ambience can easily create a sense of loyalty in the customers and customers would be positively attracted by this and they would be loyal in both the short and the long run.

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