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International development is of utmost importance and organizations stresses a lot on international development. When organizations pursue an international strategy then they go for international development. However, there are different factors that are related to international development and these factors are: Domestic, International, Multinational, and Global. These factors are basically known as the stages of international development and these stages are discussed below:

Domestic: When an organization is working in its local market which might also be known as its native country then the organization is said to work domestically as its catering to its local market. An organization whose customer’s base resides in its native country is known as domestic market.

International Organization: An international organization is the one that possess international membership, scope and presence in other countries. The customer bases of these organizations are quite diverse and they have international customers. Usually international corporations have operations in their local countries but their customer base is diverse. International organization like other organizations can be of non government and personal nature.

Multinational Organization: Since the environment and methodologies of working are changing and that is the reason why different forms of organizations are coming in and they are changing the horizon of business environments. The literal meaning of multinationals is more than one country and a multinational organizations is the organization that has production facilities or other fixed assets in at least one foreign country and then they make the major decisions with respect to the global context then this organization is termed as multinational organization (Jenson, 2008). Although their headquarters are located in their parent country but due to expansion they are spread in different countries.

Global: An organization that is quite diverse by its operations and they don’t belong to a particular country because their operations and productions facilities are spread in different countries. A global organization is a mammoth organization whose customer base is quite diverse and huge.

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