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Besides the theories of change management there are certain stages of change management that are often used by different organizations in order to survive in this changing world. However, it should be kept in mind that change management incorporates both the behaviorists and the cognitive learning theories (Cameron & Green, 2004). However, in a proper organizational setting there are three strategies that are commonly used by organizations. These three strategies are discussed below:

Unfreezing: This stage is considered as the first stage of a change oriented process and in this process the past behavior of an organization is unlearned. However, researchers actually believe that this process begins when an organization experiences disconfirmation of the previous processes. This disconfirmation is related with the cognitive dissonance that organizations experience in certain situations. Furthermore, it can be said that disconfirmation occurs when an organization experiences external pressures (Durant, 1999). The external pressures should include the pressure of return on investments by the shareholders or in certain conditions it would include the quality oriented pressures that are laid down by the customers of a certain organization. In the similar manner it can be said that once a problem arises in the organization that organization starts the unfreezing process. Therefore, it can be said that unfreezing is the simple phenomenon of change management that involves dismantling the learning from the pasts.

Incorporating new behaviors in an organizational structure: This stage is considered as incorporating new behavior in an organizational structure when an organization identifies that what is actually the real problem then certain behaviors and attitudes in the organizational structure should be removed in order to implement the change oriented process in the organization. Certain skills linked with these change management approaches must be implemented in a proactive manner so that employees can easily understand the benefits of change (Durant, 1999). Furthermore, it can be said that employees on the other hand must be able to understand the dynamics of change and what are the functional requirements of their job. In the similar manner the organization and the decision should develop a proper mindset of the employees that they are ready to implement the change and old norms that are implemented in the organization should be removed. Finally, in this process the rewards must be linked with the change goals that have been set by the decision makers.

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