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1. Evaluation of alternatives

This process shows how consumers receive the information from above stage about products or service and then make a decision before purchase. Besides, consumers need to establish criteria for evaluating their choices. An evaluative criterion is “The dimensions used by consumers to compare competing product alternatives” (Solomon et al. 2006 p.140). In addition, the evaluation can be complicated while making a decision, and on the other hand the decision is easy to be changed by the other factors such as reference groups or family.

2. Purchase decision

According to Kotler (2003) after the evaluation stage, consumers will form intentions to purchase the best choice of product or service that they prefer. However, there are two factors which can change the final decision before purchase which are attitudes of others such as family and friends also unanticipated situational factors which is another factor that influence on final decision such as financial problem.

3. Post purchase behavior

This is the last step which consumers evaluate how well or bad of what they purchased (Solomon et al. 2006). Solomon et al. (2006) defined consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction which is “The overall feeling or attitude a person has about a product after purchasing it”.

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