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In the 19th century it was kept in mind that there is an absence of the fourth wall and that you don’t have to think about your physical appearance and you just need to be practical as if it’s in reality. This also points out the resolution that is the most important part to keep in mind while playwriting. The outlook of the stage makes it easy so it’s better it is kept in mind that the stage well suits the drama.

  • Plot:

You need to be well identified with the plot because it’s the basic of all and it covers the entire scene with the arrangement possible to conduct the drama and get the plus results. Plot is the actual picture of the abstract when you keep in mind the theme or genre of the Drama. The plot is mostly sequential but not all the time.

  • Exposition:

The entrance and the directions must be well operated because it can be conflicted or it might show the audience that there are some false actions that could have take part. The point of attack is the key word. This is where the stage really need to be a subject itself to be judge and understand.

  • Complications:

This means that there will always be a bunch of complications around the drama or the character to act because there is always a new additive. There must be a room for the root complications. And if you are done with one of the complication, that does not mean its over. It’s a start of to another. Episodic structures are never too much exciting. Keeping in mind of the sequels or one go can help the drama reach to its successive ends.

  • Climax:

The Climax has to reach to the tensions and the different conditions the character is made put in the scene. Here the Characters have to deal with foremost concerns. If there is anticlimaxes involved that can help loose the tension a bit. And clearing out and making it easy for the characters to head upward.

  • Anticlimax:

This has been the part of the part persuasive classic plays. Most playwrights use this too for the Drama. This adds some of the stopping for the audiences and some of the dreamiest think that including this would help the drama benefit. In recent times it is being used less.

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