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A group of people in a society possessing distinctive traits or socioeconomic status is called a social class. People in a particular social class experience same economic circumstances. These social classes could be classified in term of power, life style, authority, education etc. These classes were determined after the industrial revolution in the world when the considerable number of people in a group started achieving recognition in the society for their power and wealth. Social classes which possess greater power and wealth are considered to be the powerful classes while the people with low socio-economic status are considered as powerless classes. International politics is solely between the powerful and powerless classes.

In this paper we shall discuss what social classes are and how do they relate to each other with the historical and contemporary examples of powerful social classes of the advanced countries such as USA, UK, and India etc. Moreover, we shall also discuss to what extent these powerful classes can dominate these powerless classes with the extract of Karl Marx theory of social class.

Class is a complex term which has been in use since the eighteenth century and is imposed on different circumstances of the group of people (Lareau and Conley). We have considered social classes in terms of power for the extraction of powerful social classes from history to locate where and why these social classes acquired power at the expense of powerless social classes.

A social class is an objective reality; naturally members of a social class often have subjective feelings and attitudes about their status. Social classes have existed since the development of complex societies thousands of years ago. Social classes continue to exist within society because people have learned how to live within them and have passed this knowledge on to the next generation (Lareau and Conley). Social class is a topic which has been in arguments and debates for quite long time which is indispensable in a society.

Social status has been used by a number of philosophers in order to state a clear definition of social class. Social status is a factor that states the way people behave in a society and how much they are able to control by order or by influence (Lareau and Conley). Powerful social classes which have their own recognition in the society gain their distinctive quality through the stratification system which is described as a determinant of the social status and honoring the wealthy and powerful individuals of the societies. Powerful classes are often known as elites in the society who keep their social status cemented through adopting and maintaining ways by which they are divided from the other members of the society (Lareau and Conley).

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