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More political philosophers provided theories on capitalists and safeguard of the rights of the lower classes of the societies. These philosophers include Weber who provided a much realistic approach towards social class. In comparison with the Marxist theory, Weber’s discussion based upon in the context of social stratification which included the social status and honor of members of society. According to Weber, it is the power of the social class to understand the ability to command the resources of the capital. A social class becomes dominant when it achieves the authority.

Through the detailed classification of social class in pre-capitalist and capitalist era, it is clearly evident that past societies of Roman, Aztec etc. and modern societies are classified on some basic values of the culture that provided power to one class which dominated the other lacking class. The highest extent to which Bourgeoisie dominated the Proletariat was the violation of their rights. Most societies refrain from keeping the ideology of social class but in almost every society social class exists. The division of members of societies such as the American society and the Indian society in the form of different social classes has contributed in many social changes, economic development and also in the revolutions in international and domestic politics of states. Therefore it can be concluded that social class plays an important role in the state affairs and domination of social groups over one and other. Social classes are present in the contemporary world and are classified in different terms with the passage of time.

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