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Organizations are changing their horizon and they are opting for new and modernized techniques. Leadership plays an important role in every organization and leadership is explained as a trait that is used in organizational context to manage the employee in an effective and an efficient manner. The traits of leadership are quite diverse and there are certain types of leadership like charismatic leadership, participative leadership, humane leadership, autonomous leadership and etc. In this paper we will discuss the different dimensions of leadership and emphasis is laid on the Singaporean market. The leadership traits of Singapore are discussed and the leadership of Singapore is compared with other countries.

The leadership traits of Singapore are quite diverse and Singaporean leaders usually are more autocratic in nature. However, in today’s world the phenomenon of leadership is changed drastically and people in Singapore are progressing just because their approach towards leadership has changed. The leaders of Singapore were once autocratic and a centralized approach of management was implemented by the leaders. The organizations of Singapore experienced a boom at that stage and this was all because of their leader’s novel and influential approach.

Globalization has changed the managerial phenomenon of Singapore and middle managers are trained in foreign countries and that is the reason why they are implementing new and modernized approaches of leadership in Singapore. The leadership of Singapore is evaluated through different dimensions of leadership and these dimensions are evaluated below:

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