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The study is of considerable significance as it comprehensively presents the successful marketing stratagems and marketing programs that are deployed in the global retail industry by the market leaders. The study will contribute to the field of marketing and its subsidiary fields of branding and positioning by presenting the specific positioning and branding tactics used by the global retail market leaders. The marketing initiatives of market leaders like Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Sears, and Federates Departmental Stores, and Kohl’s have been analysed in the study for the impact. The initiatives and the marketing techniques used by the industry leaders can contribute to the field of marketing by representing how the leaders in a retail market can influence competition and promotions in industry through the tactics that they adopt themselves for the purpose of positioning and retail brand building.

The study will also be providing information that can be beneficial for the society as well. The study would contribute to the society at large as well by highlighting what products and services the customers in the market want from the retailers. The study will also depict how the market leaders in the international industry are responding to the demands of the customers in their marketing programs. This will improve the choices and the bargaining power available to the society and the consumers in the market.

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