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Sweets are exchanged among relatives and friends for symbolizing of sharing sweetness and love among the loved ones (Ward). Women also express their gratitude and respect for the victory of Maa Durga by fasting (Harlan). Each day of navratri is celebrated for different types of traits of the Mass Durga. It is believed that Maa Durga had nine special traits that are listed as goddess of beauty, bravery, music, food, wealth, spirituality etc.

Another form of worship is known as puja of Aapta tree. The leaves of Aapta tree are considered as golden leaves which are exchanged among the people to wish prosperous future to each other. Candles and lamps are also lit up during the days of navratri that is regarded as the symbol of peace and prosperity. The lamp is uninterrupted lit up for consecutive days where the toys of deities are exhibited. People consider Dussehra as the best time of the year when they can start new ventures and buy new things because according to the Hindus, the festival of Dussehra is full of happiness, worship and blessings (Sing).

All above discussed forms of worship are regarded as the rituals of the Hindu culture. The significance of the Dussehra could be easily be understood by the forms of worship. Hindus greatly respect their gods and goddesses and therefore they celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm. Dussehra reflects the period of auspicious moments and prosperity that flourishes the homes of Hindus with blessings and joy.

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