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However, a question always arises in the minds of different individuals that should gay couple adopt children or not? Are they capable of raising the children with devotion? Can they be compared with the normal couples that have straight sexual orientation? They answer to these questions is a certain “No!” This topic is usually considered as a controversial and a contemporary issue. An event was organized in the United Kingdom on October 2000 which was known as a national adoption week and this event encouraged couples to adopt numerous children who are either orphaned or their parents cannot afford them. However, there are many democratic nations like America, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Iceland that have identified this issue as an important area of gay rights. However, there are certain individuals that firmly believe that gay couples should not adopt children because they would be confused about their own identity.

There are numerous cases in which these adopted children are molested by their gay parents. In the similar manner they live in a sexually enriched atmosphere or in a promiscuous environment and in which it is highly probable that they would fail to understand the traditional values. Many individuals and societies believe that they are abnormal couples and this abnormality will create a negative effect and uncertainty for the adopted children. Children who are raised in homosexual households are questioned about their sexuality. In the similar manner the parents are the role models for the children and that’s not the case in homosexual couples who adopt children. In the similar manner there are certain scenarios in which a distorted view of minority sexuality is created and there might be scenario in which a girl is raised by two men and the feminine influence on that would not be there. Therefore, it would be a negative aspect for that girl in both the short and the long run.  Furthermore, the children are usually discriminated in different societies and they are bullied after that. This bullying and discrimination can have long term effects on them and these children would definitely feel discriminated and disappointed in both the short and the long run. Strategists and analysts actually believe that this would have a long lasting effect on the well being of that individual and it would definitely affect their psychological development (Sember). These children would definitely feel discouraged, depressed and frustrated. Therefore, it can be clearly said that the future of these children would be doubtful.

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