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Shortage of natural resource will undoubtedly affect future competence of our environment. This paper will discuss scarcity of potentially disconcerting resource areas i.e. food, fuel and non-fuel minerals. As far as field of energy is concerned, the expectation from market-stimulated solutions are high, latest processes of conservation and production of alternative fuels may prove to be effective. The following threatening area of shortage, is strategic minerals which is of crucial importance for the stability of economy. Then comes the scarcity of food availability, which appears as the utmost long-term (20-30 year) intimidation to the nations for its impacts on world stability. (Inoue and Isozaki, 2003)

If current trends of scarcity of natural resources persist any longer, undoubtedly the upcoming years can be anticipated to be more polluted, more crowded, economically less stable and more at risk to create disturbance in the planet where we live at present. Depletion of natural resources represents lack of efforts made by the governments to preserve them. This conditions will prove to be extremely hazardous if governments take no actions in terms of institutions, public policies or rates of technological advancement. In the start of twentieth century none of the countries within European continent had total economic independence. More or less each European country, except the United Kingdom, had no expertise in any particular type of production. In those days, Russia also produced no manufactured goods, however, it used to supply huge quantities of food all over the world.

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