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Shin Yunbok’s paintings greatly reflected the Joseon Dynasty in her paintings. Each painting by Shin Yunbok describes different situation and perspectives of human behavior and emotions. A masterpiece Minndo by Shin Yunbok’s reflects the emotions of a woman and everything that is in the heart of a woman.  Minndo is a portrait of a Kisaeng, a Korean female entertainer. The painting depicts a woman holding beats in a thoughtful manner (Sin).

A main constituent was observed in the paintings by Shin and that was the use of alcoholic beverages in her painting objects. Shin used alcoholic beverages in her paintings because alcoholic beverages create a mood of romantic and erotic expression. Another masterpiece by Shin Yunbok is Picnic by a Lotus Pond. The painting depicts a number of men and women indulged in drinking binge. The women are showed to seduce men by their alluring postures. Furthermore the pots appear to be an igniting factor in the erotic mood of the painting (Clark).

Shin Yunbok is widely acclaimed for the genre of his paintings that depicts the erotic art. His contribution in the Korean art helped the painter to achieve a distinctive remark. The stylistic approach of the painter Shin Yunbok has been appointed by contemporary painters at large. Shin Yunbok’s flair of love with art that had been reflecting in the paintings had added in the Korean art as genre that helped the Korean art gets its own individuality (Rha and Cho).

There has been a debate over an issue regarding Shin Yunbok. Most of the contemporary writers believed that Shin Yunbok is a man while other debated that Shin was a girl disguised as a male. The reason behind attaining the disguise of male is noted as the need of accomplishment of goal. Shin Yunbok was prohibited to learn to paint and further deal with the profession. Court painters were the hereditary profession in the 17th century that contributed a lot in the culture of Korea. 17th century was the time that is regarded as the boom in the art of the Korean culture. Shin Yunbok became passionate with painting due to his ancestors. Her grandfather and father were the court painters and in the same way Shin’s brother was learning to become a court painter as well. Shin Yunbok had flair to paint her imagination and for this purpose she disguised as a male and learned the art by her mentor. By the evidences and the proofs one can say that the painter Shin Yunbok was a female and she disguised as a male (Clark).

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