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“Even people who rightly regard themselves as tolerant and sympathetic to equal rights for gays and lesbians are hesitant to endorse same-sex marriage because of their overwhelming intuition that marriage has always been between a man and a woman, and that same sex-marriage is contrary to the weight and lessons of history.” (Gerstmann, 2004, p. x) This however is untrue. Homosexual relationships have been a part of history since Plato’s time.

In Aristophanes’s Speech from Plato’s Symposium, Plato says that people were first created in two’s and not in ones. In other words each person had two heads, two pairs of legs and two pairs of hands. Later people were cut in half and people as we know them now were created. There were three types of people initially: all male, all female and half male and half female. The people who were all male had body parts that were the same. For example, two man heads and two man reproductive organs. The all females also had two reproductive female organs. The half male/half female had one male reproductive organ and one female reproductive organ. Therefore, when the people were cut into two they began chasing after their better halves, the all males started searching for males and the all females started searching for females henceforth the existence of homosexual people. The people who were half in half starting chasing the opposite sex because initially that was their better half. Therefore the idea of homosexuality is quite and old one and when there is love involved there should be no discrimination based on gender. (Jowett)

Many people believe that same-sex marriages are a threat to heterosexual marriages. In the United States there are more divorces than marriages, single parent households and unmarried parents raising children. In these circumstances it is illogical to say the gay marriage is a threat to the heterosexual union of marriage. The latter union has been deteriorating in value for a long time and has absolutely no connection with the presence of gay people wanting to marry each other. (Ruether, 2005, p. 20)  The threats posed to heterosexual marriages lie within heterosexual people and homosexuals have no effect in this outcome especially because of their tiny population, therefore, homosexual marriage should not be banned or looked down upon.

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