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The United States health care system is complex network consisting of several thousands of health organizations and millions of health specialist that deliver health services to the citizens of the United States. This network works with several other governments and multinational organizations in order to protect the citizen’s health domestically and globally. (Fuchs, 2005) The U.S. health care system is characterized by an enormous multiplicity, complexity, and dynamism of its elements. Besides differing by types of care delivered across the continuum, system components vary from relatively simple individual physician practices to large, complex organizations such as academic medical centers. Relationships among system components are constantly evolving in response to shifting market dynamics. The growing predominance of chronic illness, and the search for less costly delivery settings, post acute and long-term mental and physical health care services are increasingly important. (Stelzer & Irwin, 2006)

Economics and Health care

Economics provide results for the available options in health care, by providing tool for analysis of total costs and benefits, and on the other hand marginal costs and advantages of specific decisions. By using marginal analysis, economics assist in allocating resources properly among alternatives. Economics tells us about the relative costs and advantages of the alternatives. (Fuchs, 2005)

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