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Our society is comprised of both senior, middle aged and young individuals and seniors are usually regarded a lot in our society. This paper is basically an analysis of an interview of a senior female citizen and what are her responses on being senior in today’s world. In the similar manner certain aspects of workplace equality were also discussed and how seniority and gender biasness in organizations affects the life of senior citizens (Sewell, 2004). Furthermore, the recreational activities of senior citizen who is being interviewed is also discussed and analyzed.

Numerous studies actually indicate that leisure oriented activities are very important in the well being of an individual and it actually nourishes the mind as well as the soul. A study of Kim (2000) says that low levels of leisure activities results in the isolation of individuals (Leitner & Lietner, 2004). The woman who is selected for the interview is a 67 year old senior citizen who lives in North Carolina. The name of the woman is Shelly Peters and she is a mother of two. The background of this lady depicts that she belonged to a middle class family and was married with a banker. In her early times she was also working as a banker and was working in the operations department of a multinational bank. The purpose of choosing her for the interview was because of the fact that she was my aunt and she was working in a multinational bank.

Mrs. Peters says that being senior in the society is good in certain periods and normal aged individuals usually respect the senior members of the society. However, she stresses on the fact that in certain states of United States seniors are not managed properly. Mrs. Peters was laughing when I talked about her early days and she discussed her childhood was full of fun and happiness. Her family was well organized and she used to play a lot with her sisters and brothers. She said that being senior in the society although is respectable but childhood memories cannot be forgotten. Furthermore, she said that fairness and equality are one of the most important factors of a society and a society should focus on these factors. However, in the society of United States these factors are usually not recognized and stressed in certain areas and in the similar manner certain organizations won’t focus on it at all.

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