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The company has no business plans, no company strategy and there are no long term planning conducted. The company does not even support a mission statement of a long term budget for that matter. The key managerial positions of the CEO, the Vice-Presidents and the chief officers are also missing from the company (‘Semco & Freys: A multiple-case study of workplace democracy’, 2005). Standards and practices for operating the company and the business practices are also not common on standardized. Instead the company is managed in a decentralized manner which employs a 100 percent participatory style of management.

The main reason behind the unique style of management and the structure of the company lies in its history. In the 1990s, Brazil faced a severe recession which impacted the corporate and the industrial sectors. Many companies went bankrupt and shut down operations. However Semler cam up with the idea of decentralized management and the concept of the ‘SEMCO Way’ which is everyone managing their own selves and their own roles in the company. “Workers at Semco agreed to wage cuts, taking instead a 39% share of profits. Management salaries were cut by 40% and employees were given the right to approve every item of expenditure.

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