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The third section of the article deals with the personal experience of the author on being labeled as a person of no color. Through the description of a conference attended by the author, Rhee provided that people, specially those who belong to the same ethnic community as one do not acknowledge other people of color until they are able to stand up for themselves against racism or conduct public demonstration of being ethnically different.

This negates the efforts and the psychological development of a person when over the period of years; one has been conditioning themselves and their personal identity into racial group for identification and association. As a final note the author provides that the best way to psychologically as well as realistically deal with racism and the anti-racist society is to acknowledge ones identity and categorize oneself as they are at the current moment. The author provides that it helps clear the psychological confusion related to personal identity as well as helps a individual of color to be more open and flexible pertaining to their position in the society.

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