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The relationships between the departments and the agency were also tests as Defra has different aims and objectives compared to those set down by the Rural Payments Agency. The efficiency targets, EC disallowance and the delivery of SPS on time were some of the issues in which Defra and Rural Payments Agency did not see eye to eye. The SPS system also created problems in the development and the implementation phases as a fixed deadline and timeframe was established for the establishment of the SPS system. As the changes in the business processes ad the system were required during the progress of the SPS system. This led to extensive delays and the end system being too complicated to run and comprehend for the management.

The presentation presents the kind of negotiation principles that could have been applied to pave way for a successful program management at the Rural Payments Agency. The strategies that could have been used by the Rural Payments Agency included properly planning for the project and program management while incorporating the roles and responsibilities of the different functions and the management levels in the program management tasks. The goals, aims and objectives had to be revised and attuned to the requirements at hand and the ling term vision of the company. The aims and objectives that were set needed to be clarified and communicated to all the members of the project management and the associated functions in order to make them start at the same wavelength.

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