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The tort laws that are under consideration in the case include the following.


False imprisonment is an element of tort which can be classified as a crime as well. Under this tort, the individual is kept under restriction and imprisonment without any authority or legal jurisdiction over the independence of the individual.


The elements of tort that apply to false imprisonment pertain to the party that imprisons the individual having a string intention  to confine the individual, the imprisoned person not having any possible way of escaping from the imprisonment. Moreover under this tort it is not required for the confined individual to be harmed in any manner during their imprisonment.


These elements can be applied to the case, as the church of Divine Light does not have any right or jurisdiction to keep a minor Rob Jr. at their facility without the permission of his parents. Secondly during his stay Rob Jr. was brainwashed and threatened against escaping which led to him not being able to escape form the Church.


The tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress occurs in a case where the plaintiff suffers excessive emotional and or mental distress at the hands of another.


The elements of the tort include that the defendant in the case conducted the tort with strong intentions, the actions carried out by the defendant which resulted in emotional distress for the plaintiff were extreme in nature and that the plaintiff suffers emotional and mental distress as a result of the actions of the defendant.

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