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Language has been the prevalent aspect and has played the most significant role in the collapse and augment of civilizations. Since Language depicts and conveys the feelings of a person, it has been seen as the personality illustration of the person. We will discuss in this paper the significance of the critical languages in the current affairs.

For the beginning it is important to understand what critical languages are? Any language which requires more trainers conflicting to the available trained speakers is called critical language. The critical languages are widely being learned across the world and the reason is to have the customary knowledge of political, cultural and economic factors. The use of critical languages is in enormous action because the notion of the Critical language has been originated from the USA foreign policy (Clapp).

The USA is funding these critical languages trainings. Some of the most important among these critical languages are Farsi, Urdu, Korean, Marathi, Tajik, Turkish, Punjabi and Uzbek. Learning these different languages is most important because these languages play an important role in the current affairs. By learning these languages you will be able to understand what the societies have to say in regards of the country you belong. And their actions can be understood by their speech. In the USA there are few people who speak in Middle Eastern languages however they work for different institutes and organizations and it is the requirement of job description that they know about other languages in order to understand and help them communicate in the way in which they can use as the best way-out.

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