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Clearly, the prospective for neuroscience to make contributions to educational study is great. Nevertheless, bridges need to be built between neuroscience and basic research in education. Cognitive psychologists are commendably placed to put up these bridges. In my view there can be many ways which enable neuroscience to effect education up to a great extent.

In the first step, an interface should be developed among the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience, and Educational Psychology. This interaction could be widely anticipated and enhance the role of cognitive sciences could play in education. Education would have a neural tool for comparing the effectiveness of different approaches to the teaching of preliminary mathematics learning. This is only one case of the creative application of presently available neuroscience techniques to significant issues in education.

Another way would be the use of recent advances in neurology like increased resolution provided by neural imagery and other latest technologies will impact education by taxing our basic philosophical theories about child development and as a result provide ways to how we train educational researchers, professionals, and eventually instructors.
As education is an applied field which tremendously effect children lives, another step is to develop skills like literacy or language in small span of time. Neuroscience research put forward positive interventions which can be proved to be efficient. Effective instructional interventions should not be delayed while we develop a complete understanding of the underlying neurological and psychological processes.

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