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Biologically speaking, it’s a misconception that the strongest usually survives and people mostly believe that the strongest, cleverest and the violent members of the society would be the ones who are responsible for successfully reproducing and they are the eligible ones to pass on their genes to the next generation (Everything , 2005). These people believe that technological changes and the introduction of technology over the environment are responsible for survival of the unfit and to have their children (Ratzsch, 1996). Moreover some people usually believe that this phenomenon has accelerated over the recent generations and believe that evolution doesn’t operate on the human species.

This belief is true to some extent and in the past years being the strongest and bearing an aggressive personality was considered to be the sign of victory (Matsumura, 1995). Evolution in today’s world is concerned with this generation and it is believed that it has neither memory not it has an insight. It is next to impossible that one can be both a parent and an evolutionary unfit. The term fittest in the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ means that “has kids” and then goes deeper into the hierarchy that have “grand kids”.

This fact is quite unsupportable that due to the industrial revolution the effects of natural selection have been removed (Hippel, 1995). The industrial revolution has removed the selective pressures that were operating on the human genome but such pressures aren’t removed by it. The process of selection is happening until some people breed and some don’t. The elements of genes are disappearing and some are transmitting to the next generation (Miller, 2007).


Thus, in a nutshell we can say that although there were a number of misconceptions in the evolutionary theory and many individuals interpret different connotations of this theory. The general public usually attaches different misconceptions with this theory like the survival of the fittest, natural selection etc.

Some people posses a nuisance interpretation of this phenomenon when they believe that the fittest people in the universe are the one who are the finest, strongest or even the fastest. However, fittest are those who have greater number of babies. Although it’s quite possible that people who are stronger, smarter, faster may have more babies but we can’t generalize this phenomenon (Sciences, 1998). A mentally imbalance cult leader who has more babies is considered to be more fit by Darwin’s definition as compared to handsome, strong, famous movie stat who has just one kid.

If we consider it biologically then it can be explained that an individual is considered to be fit if he/she can generate more children and in other words we can say that fitness of an individual is measured by its relative ability and such an individual is considered to be the fittest if he/she can produce more number of copies of his/her genes and these copies of genes will make it into next generation. This statement can be understood by a situation that if person A has four children and person B has two. As the time passes by all of our kids makes it to adulthood then we can evaluate that person A is twice as biologically fit as person B. In the next generation this phenomenon would be transformed into a situation in which more people would be similar to person A that’s why he is treated to be more powerful.

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