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Economics may play a role in multiple births. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on both the couple and the physician to transfer a large number of embryos on one occasion, because the couple only has enough financing for one IVF attempt. The risk of putting all your eggs in one basket is the chance that many of them might hatch. The result may be that the financially strapped couple attempting to have one baby becomes a financially depleted family, with more than one baby to raise for the rest of their lives. One way physicians can reduce their patients’ temptation to pack multiple embryos into one IVF cycle is to ensure that cycle involves a good cleaving embryo. Freezing a good embryo yields decent pregnancy results.

Current Political involvement in US Health care

As the number of Americans requiring long-term care services has grown, the industry and present government has responded with innovative approaches to long-term care. Adult day care programs offer community-based day care as an alternative to institutionalization. Assisted living facilities provide residents support for activities of daily living while allowing them to maintain independence. (McKinley, Parmer, Saint-Amand & Darbin, 2006) Continuing care retirement communities enable residents to transition from independent to assisted living, and then to skilled nursing facilities as their health needs change.

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