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The service level agreements are basically contractual agreements between the two businesses which highlight the extent of services being provided at each level of the business and what would the specific services entail.

For projects pertaining to buying a vendor based database management system, the objectives of the business would include implementation of a streamlined database management system which is efficient and able to provide the specific functionalities as specified and highlighted by the business in its requirements documents. The service level agreements for this project would include the specific description of the services being provided by the vendor, the SLAs pertaining to the design and development of the database which would be specific to the normalization, design of user interface and the design of data structures as well as the training of the users. The maintenance SLAs would pertain to modification and extension of data structures, the addition of layout and report formats as well as the modifying of programming scripts. In addition to this the response time to the maintenance and the updating of the systems as covered by the SLA would also be included as part of the SLA.

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