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Strategists suggest that the results of economic crisis are quite wide and varied and this havoc might be disastrous for the entire world in both the short and the long run. Financial institutions are getting weaker and they collapsing like a pack of cards. USA along with other countries have experienced the aftermaths of this economic crisis and therefore in the current scenario all the developing countries of the world are joining their hands and they are working together in order to resolve this issue.

If this issue cannot be resolved or if takes time to resolve then certain strategists and analysts suggests that it will hurt the development phase of many countries and besides underdeveloped countries the developed nations of the world would also suffer from this havoc. Moreover, industries and development of the entire world would suffer that is the reason why United States of America should take the driving seat and control the situation. They must play a vital role in the development of the world and must take effective measures to resolve this issue. When USA will intervene in this situation then a positive change can be expected in both the short and the long run. The role of USA in the global financial crisis is huge because the US is considered to be the economic power of the world and this is the reason why their policies are usually adopted and embraced by other countries. However, if the US does not intervene in the situation then analysts believe that the global financial crisis cannot be controlled. The impacts of these financial crises would range from financial contagion in the stock markets to slow development in the world. Therefore, the strings of the economy should be bound together and USA should play a vital role in this global financial crisis.

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